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In 1978, the Environmental Label “Blue Angel” was developed through the initiative of the Federal Minister of the Interior and by the decision of the Minister of the environment of the Federal and State Governments to identify products and manufacturers of particularly environmentally friendly products.

Thus the Label “Blue Angel” is the first and oldest mark that characterizes companies being particularly commuted to environmental protection. The Blue Angel label is awarded mainly to manufacturers which thus may label their environmentally friendly manufactured goods and products on a voluntary basis.

This labeling offers to the consumer better insights to which products were produced in an environmentally friendly manner and can thus support the ecology-minded consumption. So far, about 11,500 products and services doe bear the Blue Angel label. About 90 categories of goods are checked – whereas food is excluded.

Wallpaper that has been granted the Blue Angel label is produced particularly environmentally friendly, because it does mostly consist of recycled waste paper. By using recycled raw materials, natural resources are saved and pollution resulting from the pulp production is reduced. Particularly, the production of paper is a water polluting and energy consuming sector, which must be actively supported. The origin of wood used for the used primary fibers must be proved for this kind of wallpaper. The trees have to originate from forests managed according to the principles of ongoing forestry. These forest enterprises should ideally operate according to high social and ecological standards and should be adequately certified. Here, trees of local forest enterprises are preferred as transportation distances are environmentally beneficial.

But also in respect of health, wallpaper with the Blue Angel Label is recommended, since the requirements for the composition of this kind of wallpaper are very high. Among other things, this wallpaper is checked thoroughly referring to heavy metals (here a certain limit must not be exceeded) and other pollutants. The variety of waste paper being used is checked regularly and it is paid attention that they contain very little formaldehyde. Production process does use very less bleachers, whereupon halogenated bleaching chemicals, chlorine and biologically persistent complexing substances are completely forbidden. Also the use of dying, finishing and coating materials is subject to exact basis of requirements, which are checked carefully. For production and finishing of this kind of wallpaper, no optical brighteners are allowed.

In environmental option, woodchip wallpaper is particularly recommendable. Because this kind of wallpaper is extremely breathable, it is especially suitable for a healthy room climate.

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