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If you don’t want to experience unpleasant surprises during wallpapering work, an accurate determination of demand should be done before going to the DIY Store. By the exact measurement of all surfaces to be wallpapered, you can be calculated exactly how many wallpaper rolls of a lot you will need. If you did a short measure or a not exact calculation, and you have to re- buy later, often the correct lot number may be out of stock and you do risk pattern or color variations.

For the determination of demand, first of all you have to take exactly the ceiling height and precisely measure the length of the walls. The dimensions of the room doors can be deducted when calculating requirements. For windows, the surface of the glass is not incorporated, the window reveal, however, must be included in the measurements. The total amount is divided by the width of the rolls of the wallpaper – due to the standardized Euro-Norm for wallpaper format, this is 0.53 m for almost all products. The wall length divided by the factor of 0.53 will result in the number of wallpaper rolls required. This number is multiplied by the height of the room. The result is the total length of the wallpaper, which is required for the room. This is divided by 10 (standard roll length), to determine the number of required rolls.

The easier, but basically the same reliable calculation method is as follows: To multiply the length of all walls with the ceiling height and to divide it by 5 makes the estimated demand of wallpaper rolls. However, the measurements of windows and doors may not be deducted here. This well-tried rule of thumb is completely sufficient for the determination of needs of plain colored and small-patterned wallpaper. As we do here expect relatively little waste, it is sufficient to add 10% surcharge to the calculated need of rolls and to round it up to whole rolls. Large-Patterned wallpaper must be glued accurately, in accordance with the pattern repeat. This may lead to a waste of one or more rolls – therefore, in this care here, it absolutely important to do exactly measuring. For complicated built, very narrow spaces or expensive high-quality wallpaper, it is better to have the needs calculated by a professional.

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