Deutsches Tapetenmuseum / German Museum Of Wallpaper | WALLCOVER

"Deutsches Tapetenmuseum” / “German Wallpaper Museum" is called an institution dedicated to the collection, preservation, and exhibition of historical wall coverings. It is currently in public ownership of the Federal State of Hessen (since 1993; until then privately held) and as this part of the Hessisches Landesmuseum in Kassel.

In 1923, the wallpaper trader Gustav Iven founded a German Wallpaper Museum. He was supported by numerous wallpaper manufacturers and traders from all over Germany, which contributed numerous exhibition objects as well as funds for this new museum of their industrial sector. The intention was to document and to preserve historic wall coverings. Foundation of this Museum goes back to an initiative of the non-profit association German Wallpaper Museum e.V. (Deutsches Tapetenmuseum) that was brought to life by Gustav Iven only for this purpose. This museum still exists and is aiming a further support and promotion. Initially placed in the “Roten” – later (from 1934) in the “Weißen Palais”, in 1948, after the end of the second world war, the Museum moved into the “Weißensteinflügel” of the “Schloss Wilhelmshöhe” in Kassel and is now located in the Hessisches Landesmuseum (However due to renovations closed and therefore not to visit at the moment). Expected by 2015, a renovated “Deutsches Tapetenmuseum” (German Wallpaper Museum) will be situated in the “Weinberg” and can there be admired in the future.

With its numerous, sometimes very rare and valuable exhibits, the ‘”Deutsche Tapetenmuseum” (German Wallpaper Museum) offers a good and clear overview to the history of wallpaper art in all its forms (from the simple, everyday item up to the artistically crafted unique of princely possession). Motives history and different artistic styles and production process (from craft to industrial production) from a wide range of ages, continents and areas of origin are shown. Therefore is it absolutely worth a visit, not only for do-it-yourselfers who aim to be inspired individually in style or in color for their own renovation work, but also for everyone being interested in history of art and design.

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