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Embossed Wallpaper is one of the most popular types of wallpaper. Wallpaper showing a structure or an embossment is considered to be Embossed Wallpaper. Therefore, Embossed Wallpaper is often called Textured or Relief Wallpaper.

Embossed Wallpaper is characterized by its eye-catching structure, which distinguishes itself from smooth wallpaper. The wallpaper is made on a paper basis. During manufacturing process, the surface is treated with a paste, showing a relief. Particularly high-quality Embossed Wallpaper consists of two lengths of wallpaper which are glued together. Here, the structure is deeply engraved into the tissue. Woodchip is also considered to be Embossed Wallpaper. With this kind of wallpaper, grain is applied to the surface, which generates the structure after full drying.

A particular feature of the Textured Wallpaper is the fact that its structure is not only due to an optical basis but that is clearly perceptible. When looking for an Embossed Wallpaper, you should also integrate the rooms to be wallpapered so that this Embossed Wallpaper can develop its advantages. Here, you have to pay attention that rough structures generally do make your rooms do appear smaller, while fine structure visually is expanding rooms. When considering using Embossed Wallpaper, you should keep in mind that this kind of wallpaper has to be used well-canned. Embossed Wallpaper does look best in light-flooded rooms, where light can enhance the embossing perfectly. In addition, when using quite unusual embossing and patterns, you should not decorate every wall with an Embossed Wallpaper. Already one single wall is enough to highlight your room.

Embossed Wallpaper is extremely robust and can be used for several years. The structure is designed in the way that it can repeatedly be re-painted without any problem. Doing renovation work, we do, however, recommend removing a previous Embossed Wallpaper before decorating a new one.

There is a wide selection of Embossed Wallpaper. In addition to conventional woodchip, textured wallpaper is available in different patterns. Its structure might be squared or consist of floral motives, being embossed into the wallpaper. These are the simple forms of Embossed Wallpaper. Nowadays, however, there is Embossed Wallpaper available, having surfaces similar to complex Ornate Plaster. Particularly recommendable, for example is Embossed Wallpaper in the so-called natural look. They do, for example, show wood paneling, half-timbered walls or stone walls. Because of their optic and in combination with the Embossing, they do nearly look deceptively realistic. Using Embossed Wallpaper, every room might become a cozy area.

The one who would like, for example, decorate his bathroom in an expensive slate look, but is, however, afraid of the costs for the slate look floor tiles, can here take Embossed Wallpaper as an in-expensive alternative. Due to the high quality natural-optic of the embossed wallpaper, this illusion is only noticeable after multiple examinations.

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