The definition "Euro Roll” in connection with wallpaper does not only appear often on the website of WALLCOVER Team, but also everywhere else, where wallpaper can be bought. But what exactly does Euro-Roll mean and where does this definition come from?

“Euro Roll" is the official labeling for any kind of wallpaper roll, being calibrated to European standard. It is often also called "Europe Roll" or, abroad, primarily in (Anglo-Saxon) foreign countries “Metric Roll”. A wallpaper roll that wants to correspond to this standard does have to show the following dimensions: 10.05 meters in length and 0.53 meters in width. These dimensions are the basis for calculating any other dimensions. Usually, the quantity of one Euro-Roll will be sufficient for five square meters of wall area – so at a standard room height of 2.45 meters you will have very little waste and there will also be no inconvenient cross cutting edge in the middle of the wall. A disadvantage, however, is the need of many wallpaper lengths to cover the whole range of space.

Today, (in Europe) the Euro-Roll is the most popular wallpaper format. In case that wallpaper roll does not meet the requirements of the European standard, this has to be indicated clearly on the package. In specialist shops there will of course be the possibility to sale or make cuttings with other dimensions according to the requirements of their customers.

We do owe these extremely odd dimensions of European standardized wallpapers rolls the English. Originally, most wallpaper did have a width of 22 inches, so 55 centimeters in metric system. After eliminating the margins calculated to glue, 53 centimeters did now remain. If you do now take the rounded value of 50 cm plus cutting waste and overlap of the patterns, 53 centimeter is a more favorable dimension as it is maybe assumed first. Due to its low width, Europe-Rolls are much easier to handle than for example the American wallpaper rolls, which have 25% more material and are accordingly wider and heavier.

At WALLCOVER Team, you will obtain almost all kind of wallpaper – from paper wall hangings to vinyl wall coverings up to woodchip on favorable Euro-Roll. You can buy almost any pattern of all our collections churning – thanks to the Euro-Roll.

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