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Fiber-Glass is better also known as Glass-Decoration Fabric or Glass-Fabric Wallpaper. This Kind of Wallpaper is a textured wall covering, which does have an extreme durability. It is also repeatedly paintable, and it is flame-resistant.

Fiber-Glass Wallpaper is made from Glass Fibers. These Glass Fibers are produced industrially by dragging a molten glass in very thin threads. By the use of weaving machines, Fiber-Glass will easily be turned into Glass-Fabric.

In contrast to other types of wallpaper, Glass-Fabric Wallpaper has durable and hard-wearing properties. Therefore, the Fiber-Glass Wallpaper is mostly decorated in highly frequented rooms or in public buildings. Due to its greatest feature, durability, Glass-Fabric wallpaper belongs to the most handsome wallpaper all over the world. Compared to Woodchip- or Vinyl-Wallpaper, the tensile strength of Fiber-Glass Wallpaper is considerably more distinctive. Due to its tensile strength, this wallpaper shows a reinforcement-function. In case there are already cracks in the plaster, you just have to preserve this before. This preservation will avoid building of new cracks. Thus, the wall is permanently protected against further damage. As basic substance does contain Glass, belonging to the minerals, Glass-Fabric Wallpaper can thus exactly melt into the construction material. Another important property is the flammability. Fiber-Glass Wallpaper can very difficulty be inflamed. In fire protection regulations, this kind of wallpaper is on the top of the list. Glass-Fabric Wallpaper is nearly inflammable as during production process never fire-retardants or high toxic additives are used. In case of fire, for example, no toxic gas is released. Furthermore, Fiber-Glass Wallpaper is dimensionally-stable - e.g. when getting wet. This kind of wallpaper can be painted over several times and posses high longevity.

Attaching Glass-Fabric Wallpaper to the wall can be done in different ways. You have the choice either to wallpaper or to paint it. Before attaching it to the wall, some precautions will have to be kept among others:

Clean, dry and smooth the processing area. Then completely remove the formerly used wallpaper, compensate bumps, cracks, with so-called smoothing compound. This pre-treatment is important that afterwards wall unevenness will be found through the fine glass fabric.

A disadvantage of Glass Fabric Wallpaper is, however, that they are causing quite high cost compared to other kind wallpaper. Fiber-Glass Wallpaper can be painted over at any time and for a least ten times. Even at the 10th painting, structure will remain unchanged. You can anticipate that Glass-Fabric Wallpaper can have longevity of up to thirty years. The high cost is quickly forgotten due to the extremely high durability.

Fiber-Glass Wallpaper is very health-friendly and can always be washed off and be disinfected. It penetrates mold or other spores coming through the wall.

Glass-Fabric Wallpaper is either used in hospitals, mostly in operating rooms, in kitchens, in bathrooms or in kids-rooms.

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