Flock Wallpaper | WALLCOVER

Flock wallpaper is a completely new dimension of refining your own four walls. Loosely based on the neo-Baroque style of the second half of the 19th century, these wall coverings reflect an incredible contrast to conventional paneling. A wide variety of forms, presentation of colors, fresh unused elements, processed in an elegant look – that all causes elegance and coziness. That’s an atmosphere that surely produces certain uniqueness.

Modern colors and pattern designs in green, orange, pink bring up a trendy style. More moderate and finer are wall coverings that are entirely kept in black and white. The color-combinations are color-coordinated and to fit together perfectly. Due to the Flock, the wallpaper obtains a plastic 3D design and sets it apart optically from any conventional and well-known type of wallpaper. The vivid illustration of ornaments and figures is unique. It is an absolute eye-catcher, whether being decorated on single wall surface or for the complete room. Flock wallpaper creates an unique ambience.

Besides its impressing optic, this new generation of wallpaper also has following positive properties and processing characteristics: A very good light fastness so that direct sunlight does not lead to a change in color; furthermore flock wallpaper is very wash resistant, so that it is washable. The wallpaper is completely dry-strippable; an advantage that will be its money worth for the next renovation work. Of course, Flock wallpaper is considered to be flame-resistant. The RAL- sign of quality-monitored wallpaper stands for a high quality treatment.

Of course, the price level here is higher than with the conventional woodchip. The processing and production is of course much more complex, but in regard to its durability, the higher price is reflected positively. Once properly attached to the wall, this non-woven wallpaper will brighten up your walls for years. Processing and decorating is also more beneficial. The wallpaper does not need so-called soaking times - so there will be no further expansion or shrinkage. Attaching this wallpaper to the wall by using the wall adhesive technique is possible without problems – simply paste the wall and then immediately process the wallpaper directly onto the wall. Flock Wallpaper did announce a new age of modern furnishings; an ambience that is unique and will astonish your visitors.

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