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The traditional machine printing process for wallpaper is Glue Pressure: About more than hundred years ago, this printing process did replace the hand printing and thus made wallpaper finally affordable for every citizen. At that time, Glue Pressure Wallpaper was still paper-based and not smudge-proof due to lack of protective coating.

Today’s modern Quality Glue Pressure Wallpaper is a high quality product, being produced on non-woven basis. Its quality (mostly with washable surface) can no longer be compared to the traditional one. Of course, also with today’s produced Glue Pressure Wallpaper, glue-bound colors are used, that do not contain any chemical additives.

Wallpaper on non-woven basis is very easy to handle, because it does not need any soaking time and can be attached directly to the wall that has been pre-pasted with wallpaper paste. The advantage here is that during your next renovation work, this wallpaper can very easy be completely removed in dry condition. Glue Pressure Wallpaper on non-woven backing is breathable and Hypo-allergenic suitable because it does not contain any pollutants and furthermore is dimensionally stable. When doing wallpapering work you should pay attention to color-matching underground, as Glue Pressure Wallpaper on non-woven basis is not opaque, so that differences in color of the background might be visible through the wallpaper. Paste is applied directly to the wall and the dry length of wallpaper roll is immediately attached to the wall then. Now, the length of wallpaper roll is continuously attached to the wall. Eventually leaving paste should be absorbed immediately with a clean cloth. When removing the wallpaper, the individual length of wallpaper is removed from the wall either at the top or at the bottom and then evenly drawn off completely. Thus, the surface is not damaged at all and can be re-wallpapered directly.

The special feature of Glue Pressure Wallpaper is the fact that due to its print layout it shows a certain degree of craft and exclusivity. The wallpaper does look as if it has still been made by hand printing. On a Glue Pressure Machine up to eighteen colors can be printed at the same time. Thus, often very old patterns can be used for Glue Pressure Wallpaper that perfectly fit with Period Furniture, or also with very modern interior design.

Many patterns are also kept in the Indian or Persian style or do are large flower patterns. The warm and slightly melting colors of Glue Pressure Wallpaper do bring a very special flair into each room. The one, who would not like to decorate the whole room with this high quality wallpaper, can maybe start to cover just one single wall with these exclusive patterns. Thus, you may create a mural, whereby the fascinating patterns do appear like a painting or you may also simply decorate whole walls with large patterns. The variety of Glue Pressure Wallpaper in bright colors is particularly suitable for small rooms, as it make these rooms do look larger and wider.

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