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Since the late 1970s to the1980s; this wallpaper was very modern. And even today it enjoys great popularity. Nature wallpaper, as this wallpaper can be considered, is made of dried herbal materials - for example, from bast, hemp, grass, bamboo or Loofah, a natural sponge. Production is hand-made to avoid damaging the fibers. At first, the fibers are knotted to long threads and laminated on a layer of rice straw paper. Grass wallpaper is mainly made from Arrowroot - and Wangkool stems. It is mostly produced in Asia. That’s where these grasses do mainly occur.

Quite not suitable for Hobby-Painters/Decorators
Decorating this wall covering is a little more difficult than it is with regular wallpaper. Before starting, the irregular patterns will have to be laid that way that they do show a unified picture. This is important to avoid unnatural color breaks that would interfere with the mural. Asking experienced painters and Decorators can here save a lot of anger and frustration.

Unique Wallpaper-Design
What makes the nature wallpaper special is the ecological aspect. This wallpaper is very suitable for eco-conscious people. With its natural appearance they cause atmosphere. Due to the manual production and the uniqueness of each fiber, every Grass Wallpaper is also unique. The small bumps and structures of the fibers and the nodes of grass yarns make each wall look special and unique. There is grass wallpaper in different colors - Ranging from Yellow to Green and from Burgundy to Brown.

Positive: A healthy Room Climate
In addition to optical advantages, Grass wallpaper also has practical advantages. The vegetable materials are breathable and do therefore positively affect the room climate. In addition, Grass Wallpaper has a moisture-regulating effect and is sound-absorbing. Due to these positives characteristics, it is very popular not only for use private homes. This wallpaper is becoming more and more common in restaurants, hotels and offices.

Solely for kitchen and bathroom, this kind of wallpaper is not suitable due its moisture-absorbing form – here you will have to find another solution. This wall covering is also characterized by an extremely long life. Properly attached and decorated into not too humid rooms, they can easily survive several decades with almost no loss of quality

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