Hookedonwalls | WALLCOVER

Hookedonwalls is delighting with a refreshing concept for wall hangings. There is life brought to boring walls. With the multi-faceted range of Hookedonwalls, there will be the right pattern for many young people and those being young at heart. This high-quality wallpaper will give glamour or elegant extravagance to conservative rooms and thus does successfully provide atmosphere-charged moods. There are different, exclusive designs to choose from and each appeal to an entirely different audience here.

Wallpaper by Hookedonwalls does not just have a beautiful appearance. For his collection of wallpaper and Wall Coverings, the manufacturer offers also the corresponding security certifications for Fire Protection. Of course, the products of the collection do in addition have the CE seal of approval.

With the elegant wall tiling from Hookedonwalls, you can not only set a course but also a real WOW-Factor. By an excellent color choice, innovative and classically-inspired design elements do melt into an, for wallpaper almost unknown, synergistic effect. A look at the meaningful sample collection of this manufacturer does not only convince creative interior designers of these unusual and not ordinary designs.

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