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Embossed wallpaper is very popular wallpaper subspecies, being among the so-called textured wallpaper. With this kind of wallpaper, the pattern is deeply embossed into the material – that’s why this wall covering is called Embossed Wallpaper. When, however, talking about Hot-Embossed Wallpaper, we do consider this to be an Embossed Wallpaper that consists of very sturdy and also high-quality material. This high-quality material is necessary because the pattern resp. the special embossing, must be embossed here by using the Hot-Embossing Process.

Unlike the ordinary textured or embossed wallpaper, Hot-Embossed Wallpaper can be considered as Wallpaper Novelty. It became more and more famous due the continuation of various non-woven and also vinyl wallpaper. Therefore, the Hot Stamping process just became more popular and matured. Basically, however, it has been existing for decades, using manufacturing processes comparable to today’s ones.

Hot-Gluing Process, Differences in Quality and Types of Material
Hot-Embossed Wallpaper is mostly made of very high quality materials. Therefore, already at the first glance they do seem to be somewhat more expensive. If you are, however, aware of the quality technical differences, this impression dissolves. Hot-Embossing Process is only used with very thick, resistant and mostly thermostatic material. During Hot-Embossing Process, material is first of all heated and then embossed. The means: By means of a chilled roll, the desired pattern is stamped into the heated and soft material. Therefore, also very delicate and tricky patterns are possible.

Furthermore, patterns made by hot embossing are very durable and will still perfectly be visible even after repeated painting over of the wallpaper. This will not be the case when using rather low-quality or median-quality textured wallpaper. In addition, the range of patterns and embossing that can be created is much more fruitful with this comfortable Hot-Embossing Process.

Types, Prices and Particularities of Hot-Embossing Wall Coverings
Quality and price differences do, of course, also exist in the very extensive range of Hot-Embossing wallpapers. So, you are going to find rather cheap wallpaper, but maybe produced just about average as well as very high-quality and expensive ones. Differences here are most likely noticeable when having a look at the material that has been used – e.g. non-woven; vinyl or maybe paper enriched with plastic. These differences in thickness and processing and, of course, the efforts made for the embossed sample do show the Price Differential. In handling, most Hot-Embossed Wallpaper can be compared to similar Textured Wallpaper. So, non-woven wallpaper can mostly be glued directly to the wall while Plastic Wall Hangings are treated in the usual way. Whether you must pay attention to a possible misalignment of the wallpaper also depends - as for other Textured Wallpaper – on the pattern.

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