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There has been Leather wallpaper for many hundred years now. The skins were painted and gold-plated and were a popular decoration for every room. Depending on the quality of the Leather, wallpaper did also show embossments and reliefs. Later on, it was often tried to achieve this effect with paper wall hangings. But it has never been successful to produce a real copy of Leather Wallpaper made from Paper. Leather Wallpaper was popular especially due to its robust nature and good durability.

Today, we assume that the Leather Wallpaper is of Moorish origin. Together with the Moorish invasion, this wallpaper came to Spain. Names like “Peau d´Espagne”, “Spanish Leather” or “Koruander-Leather” do confirm this theory. The skins, which were used as wallpaper, came from calves, goats, or sheep. The leather used for the leather wallpaper was also called “Gold Leather”. The process to produce this leather was complex and required great mechanical skills. The material that is applied to give the metallic brightness to the leather, however, is not as it might be guessed Leaf Gold but Leave Silver. The golden glow is achieved just by application of various paints, resin-based. Not until the golden shimmer has been obtained, leather was painted, punched and embossed.

From Spain the leather wallpaper then spread to France, Italy and finally to Germany. Here, it was decorated to the walls of castles or houses of wealthy merchants and become the attribute of feudalistic Self-Glorification. Particularly, at the court of the Sun King Ludwig XIV, this kind of Gold-Leather wallpaper was very famous. It represented the opulent style, which was favored by the emperor. Only in the eighteenth century, the paper wallpaper gradually replaced the leather wallpaper.

A beautiful example of leather wallpaper can today be found in the Dresden Castle “Moritzburg”, where still thirteen rooms with gold covered leather wall hangings can be seen.

Today again, leather wallpaper is highly topical. It gives a special look to the wall and causes a fancy atmosphere in the room. However, it is not easy to hang and it is also quite sensitive. A stain on the leather wallpaper can only be removed with special cleaners and could maybe ruin the wallpaper. In recent years, a completely new Leather Wallpaper did come out. Here, leather skins are not used in total but the leather is pulverized and mixed with pigments and glued wall color. In fact, the resulting wall covering has quite little in common with the classical Leather Wallpaper but it is a natural product that has properties similar to leather. It can contribute to noise and heat insulation and is also capable to absorb large air humidity and to surrender it to dry air conditions.

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