Wallpaper of Emiliana Parati

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Wallpaper of Emiliana Parati



Those who are looking for fashion for their own four walls, are making the best choice with wallpapers by Emiliana Parati. The Italian wallpaper manufacturer with a preference for exclusive design and exceptional quality is among other things responsible for the extravagant Roberto Cavalli wallpaper. There are in addition high quality murals sold, that perfectly represent the Italian style. Already in the year 1965, Industrie Emiliana Parati SpA has devoted itself entirely to the production of high-quality design wallpapers and manufactures since then unique collections on a non-woven base or as vinyl wallpapers in the small Lombard town Casalmaggiore. Emiliana Parati wallpapers are decorated with classical ornaments, extraordinary floral patterns or decorative stones and are suitable for living rooms and offices alike. The baroque wallpaper “Estetica” with its gold tribal ornaments as fine silk embroidery on cream background and with black ornamental outlines conveys a three-dimensional effect, that is sophisticated and fascinating at the same time. Of course the company also holds plain wallpaper for your very own palazzo, which can be combined with impressive printed strips.


Each year the Italian wallpaper manufacturer presents its new wallpaper collections on the "Heimtextil", an international trade fair for home textiles and commercially used textiles. With velvety structures, Swarovski stones, textile elements and reflective or three-dimensional effects, Industrie Emiliana Parati SpA always sets new standards for exclusive, contemporary wall clothing, which may turn out a little more extravagant. It is not surprising that even the fashion designer Roberto Cavalli opts for Emiliana Parati to market his luxurious wallpaper collections. The factory never loses sight of the goal: With their wallpapers everyone should realize themselves because a home reflects the individual personality of its owner. The complex combinations of colour and material of the inviting, everlasting collections, also produce significant harmony and ensure a harmonious ambience in which you and your guests feel totally at ease. The team of Emiliana Parati knows exactly what is crucial and has always the right feeling for trends, tastes and preferences regarding interior fittings.


Of course the sophisticated production technology from Emiliana Parati Wallpaper helps to lend your home a very own individual character. The technical perfection, that remains in spite of the state-of-the-art technology in production, enables the Italian wallpaper manufacturer to produce products of outstanding quality, that are visually without comparison. Moreover, a respectful way of dealing with nature as well as the strict compliance with legal provisions are firmly rooted in the company. The combination of high product quality, exclusive design and many years of experience in the manufacturing of wallpapers is now available to customers in over 80 countries and 5 continents. Who would not like one’s own cosy walls be adorned with landscape panoramas, upbeat Rococo elements, garden impressions or 3D-optics? The different wallpapers by Emiliana Parati cover a wide variety of setup and decorating styles and are therefore anything other than monotonous. Are you looking for a change of scenery which brings the Italian charm to your house? Then browse through the wide assortment of Industrie Emiliana Parati SpA at wallcover.com.