Wallpaper by Zimmer + Rohde

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Wallpaper by Zimmer + Rohde


Zimmer + Rohde Wallpaper: Colour plays that impress

With the high-quality wallpaper of Zimmer + Rohde you are bringing impressive worlds of experience into your four walls, something extravagant and voluptuous with natural designs and colours for strong and expressive designs. The products are always high-grade and elegant, because the German manufacturer of wallpaper, textiles, furniture, and accessories wants to leave his handwriting on your wall for posterity. He sometimes opts for designs that are reserved and sometimes for effects that become real eyecatchers. Whether effectively glamorous, inspiringly natural, or metallically shimmering – collections with catchy names like "Signature", "Identity", "Treasure", or "Reflection" invite you to plunge into the world of Zimmer + Rohde. You may choose from non-woven wallpaper and vinyl wallpaper that are highly light-resistant, of low flammability, and drily removable. To fix them, just spread paste on the walls and lay the individual strips of wallpaper on it. In store for you are pattern wallpaper, inspiring nature wallpaper and the corresponding monochrome plain wallpaper, which dovetail harmonically into the patterns and ornaments of the other Zimmer + Rohde wallpapers.

High-grade highlights for your walls

The wallpaper of Zimmer + Rohde display generous flower designs, opulent ornaments, or tree-bark structures. Vividly drawn exotic landscapes beckon you to dream and relax, while gentle pink, light silver, and midnight blue integrate harmonically. Horizontal lines and vertical stripes combine geometry with handwritten shapes. Depending on the lighting, they can wrap rooms in different moods like a metallic rain – this is made possible by broken-up structures in silver and gold that have been placed on a metal foil on the base using an elaborate procedure. Shades of colour that appear harmonic, soft textures that beguile, and fine details also characterise these high-grade wall coverings. The company knows exactly how the interplay of different, artistically designed surfaces must be coordinated to impress with their charms. It sometimes opts for fields reminiscent of enamelling technique and the next moment stripes with varnish effect are grabbing all the attention. Three-dimensional vinyl embossing with depth effect, embroidered woven tape fabric, or classic flock technique lend the Zimmer + Rohde wallpaper their special effects. In addition, the play with contrasts, feel, and depth makes them the real highlights of wall decor. Designs reminiscent of oxidised metal surfaces, weather-beaten materials, and impressive patina also belong to the creations from the stables of Zimmer + Rohde.

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The Zimmer + Rohde family business has been among the leading textile companies in Europe for the past four generations. Quality, innovation, and high-grade materials have stood the test of time. This is not only true of the company's wall coverings, but also of its fabrics, furniture, and accessories. In Frankfurt, Paris, and New York the international design team creates the unique wallpaper, which the erstwhile textile wholesaler now also offers in the online shop of WALLCOVER. At the start of every collection of the textile firm, whose name stands for quality and outstanding sense of form all over the world, you consistently find the components of fibre and technology, colour and design. The designers led by Creative Director Rieta Römer develop defined moods from these that offer diverse opportunities for combination. The team is inspired by both nature and art and makes use of both current trends and legacies of old cultures. Modern technologies and innovative manufacturing methods are deployed, thus allowing traditions to find their way to modern times. These standards have made the medium-scale family enterprise headquartered in Oberursel into an international heavyweight. Today Zimmer + Rohde wallpapers are sold in over 50 countries – of course they cannot be missing from the WALLCOVER shop.