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Paintable wallpaper is a kind of wallpaper that can be painted over several times. It does not have any contrasting ornaments and patterns. Several humps such as Strip - and Stroke Patterns as well as ornaments enhance paintable wallpaper. In addition to structural non-woven material, it is also available as plaster with scratch or as textured plaster in coarse or fine as well as in glass-fiber structure.

Paintable wallpaper saves re-wallpapering and offers a very particular decoration of your walls. As this wallpaper is only used as basis, painting is entirely left to your own taste and your ideas. A particular positive characteristic is that it may skillfully conceal small cracks and unevenness of the wall. In addition, it is easy to handle.

The most popular paintable wallpaper is Woodchip
Woodchip wallpaper is very popular paintable wallpaper, because it is relatively low-priced. It can be painted over several times with wall color and is suitable for almost all surfaces. The higher the grain grade of woodchip, the more often it can be painted over, without losing its structure.

Paintable Wallpaper made of Non-Woven Material
Paintable wallpaper made of non-woven materials do consist of a non-woven cellulose backing and a PVC-free foam coating. Wallpapering work with this paintable wall hanging is quite easy - Just paste the wall and then press the wallpaper in dry condition to the wall. The advantage of non-woven material is the fact that it neither shrinks nor expands when being processed. It can be drawn off in dry condition even after having been painted over for several times. Paintable non-woven wallpaper is very robust and flame retardant.

Paintable wallpaper made of Vinyl
Vinyl wallpaper, too, is paintable. Paintable Wallpaper is particularly suited for well-frequented rooms or for rooms with high air humidity, for example for corridors, stairways, kitchen, bathroom or even children's room. Paintable Vinyl Wallpaper consists of plastic non-woven or paper backing, having a vinyl plastic coating. This wallpaper is available textured, smooth or embossed.

According to Its purpose, you should pay attention to the use of the correct paste, so that wallpaper remains at the wall even after several re-paintings. Thus, paste with high strength has to be considered so that the wallpaper matches the high demands of multiple painting. The one, who wants to place new accents to this living space, will be well advised using paintable textured non-woven wallpaper, as it does provide comfort. Paintable wallpaper is suitable for all those who do not like wallpapering work or those how like to change their individual atmosphere from time to time. Paintable wallpaper is available in many different colors and designs. It invites you to place creative wall design accents and to give a very personal touch to your home. Have fun trying it

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