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A pasting machine is a device that can be used to paste wall hangings. Pasting machines help to work quickly and cleanly. These machines basically consist of a mount for the wallpaper roll, a bin for the past and a paint roller for applying the paste. Usually, the wallpaper roll is directly fixed and you may pull it up to the required length. The wallpaper is pasted while tearing it via the roller. Often, you can even adjust the thickness of the paste. Once rolled off the desired length, you can cut off the wallpaper. Here, a commercially available carpet knife will be useful.

Basically, the operation process of a pasting machine is as follows: First of all, the wallpaper is fixed to the roll holder, than the bin is filled with the appropriate paste, the cover is lifted and you do insert the wallpaper into the guiding device. Then, the cover is closed and the wallpaper is pulled back evenly. At the end, wallpaper is cut off with a suitable knife and can now be attached to the wall. Necessary soaking times here are of course to be kept. In any case, pasting machine facilitates and fastens pasting of wallpaper.

A pasting machine offers several advantages in regard to the handling of wallpaper. So, when using the pasting machine, wallpaper will for example be pasted evenly. There will be no thick lumps or dry places on the wallpaper. In addition, the table remains clean and you do not require a wallpapering brush or anything else. To make sure that the machine has enough stability, it is directly fitted on the table using brackets or clamps. This kind of attachment assures that the pasting machine is stable and you can work well with it. Most pasting machines are equipped with cutter resp. “cutting channel” that helps to guide the knife properly.

Pasting machines are available in different designs for domestic use and also for professionals. A pasting machine may consist of different materials such as plastic or metal. Depending on type and quality, manufacturers use different materials. Presently particularly famous are pasting devices that do mainly consist of stainless steel. Pasting machines are in particular suitable for more elaborate wallpapering, because they greatly facilitate the process of pasting and you may work faster.

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