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When producing Photo Murals, the single wallpaper layers are coated with pictures. If you decorate them side by side, you will obtain the corresponding motive (Photo). In most cases, Photo Murals are produced by using the Transfer printing or offset printing process. Already in the 1970s Photo Murals were very popular in Germany. There was hardly an apartment at that time that did not have the rooms decorated with at least one Photo Mural / Wall Mural. Mostly used motifs were images of beaches and palm trees. In the last years, the demand for Photo Murals did again start to rise rapidly. That is somehow also due to the fact that meanwhile you can have Photo Murals made with your own photos.

Of course, nowadays, motives have significantly changed– may it be modern Pop Art or the classic New York City skyline. Modern Photo Murals today are far away from looking cheesy. This is also due to the high-quality materials that are used today for the production of Photo Murals. These wall hangings are made in high-quality non-woven material. Above all, the modern Photo Mural stands out by a high brilliance and very sharp and crystal clear details. Among other things, this is due to the great progress that has been achieved within the printing industry within the past years. Due to improved printing techniques, the price for Photo Murals remains quite moderate. So everyone has the opportunity to embellish his apartment with neat Photo Murals.

The number of the offered subjects is constantly growing. In addition to pictures from nature, also pictures of cities are offered as well as a modern graffiti. Quiet famous are also pictures of famous film scenes or pictures showing your currently favorite stars. Particularly loved is that kind of Photo Mural that can be made from one’s own pictures. A Photo Mural showing your own motif wallpaper also persuades your visitors of its high degree of individuality. So, you can just attach your favorite picture from your latest vacations of your dreams to your walls. Such individual Photo Mural can be created easily and quickly online.

The Photo Mural is also ideally suited to brighten up your door that is a bit long in the tooth. Photo Murals for doors are produced in the same way as Photo Murals for your walls. The only difference is the way how it is attached. The Photo Mural is attached to the wall with adhesive. That wouldn't work with the wallpaper for the door. We do here recommend wallpaper with a self-adhesive film. Thus, you can attach the Photo Mural quickly and easily to the door on your own.

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