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Screen printed wallpaper does impress with beautiful pictures or eye-catching patterns and is an ideal eye-catcher for your room. It usually consists of cellulose, plastic or fiber-glass. Screen Printed Wallpaper can essentially influence the visual impression of a room.

For the production of Screen Printed Wallpaper, a print-substrate is required onto which the coating resp. the print is applied. Today, mostly non-woven material is used for printing, because it is more stable than conventional paper. With non-woven Screed Printed Wallpaper also plaster joints or small cracks in the background can be bridged unobtrusively. Plastisols on PVC basis or Water-Basis are used as printing colors. Plastisols are a mix of small solid polymer beads in a liquid phase. Under the influence of heat, these Plastisols change their volume, do foam, and do melt into a homogeneous layer. As a result, it is possible to get durable, three-dimensional effects that do particularly characterize this kind of wallpaper. In addition, Plastisols do differ from each other in regard to brilliance and tactile perceptions – e.g. by different structures and forms.

Surfaces, onto which no color should be printed, are covered with an appropriate mask. This mask is located on a color-permeable, screen-shaped stencil support. With a wiper-like tool, color is now pressed onto the Screen Printed Wallpaper that’s to be produced, using a finely woven textile fabric. The entire surface is then coated with a photo polymer and exposed with the pattern that you want to have printed. At the areas that are not be printed, the Photopolymer is hardening and by leaching of the remaining material, the openings of the masks do remain and thus create the desired motive.

The advantage of Screen Printed Wallpaper is the evenly and regular color application, that is characterized by long durability and freshness of color. Also, an inexhaustible number of designs and patterns can be created by using various Plastisols. Screen Printed Wallpaper can be applied in a room as single eye-catcher in combination with plain-colored wallpaper or a room can be completely decorated with it in order to achieve an" All-Around-Effect” .

When using Screen Printed Wallpaper, it is possible to decorate a room individually and according to your own taste. It is also possible to change a room completely or to compensate visual defects. Dark, low-light rooms can be made brighter with the appropriate wallpaper or low and small spaces can look higher or larger with Screen Printed Wallpaper having three-dimensional effects.

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