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Textured wallpaper is wallpaper for eyes and hands. The relief-like texturing of this wallpaper allows not only truly impressive wall design with a plus of tangible effects, but also the proverbial Hands-on experience of a contemporary and stylish wall tiling. So that is why textured wallpaper does not only meet the Visual demands of a high-quality wall decoration with wallpapers. Also the tactile feeling of a beautiful wall covering makes Textured Wallpaper being a highlight of particular spatial designs. Modern Textured Wallpaper is environment-friendly, Hypo-allergenic safe suitable and healthy.

Textured up to 3 D

Due to its strong structures, Textured Wallpaper is also called Relief Wallpaper. Tangible and also visible textured characteristics of this wallpaper range from embossed pattern style of half reliefs to real 3D effects within new Textured Wallpaper. By that, this wallpaper does bring a totally new effect to the new designed walls and does combine colors and forms on great surfaces skillfully. Textured Wallpaper is produced on the basis of Paper Wallpaper or also Non-Woven Wallpaper. In distinction to some Vinyl Wallpaper, new techniques allow texturing of the Wallpaper, which is ideally suited for allergy sufferers. On printing, the spatial pattern on the wallpaper is either embossed by relief-rollers onto the wall-paper or is applied with a special treatment onto the anti-adhesive paper. Even color paste can be applied as textured layer and do in this way increase the plasticity of the impact. Depending on the intended effect, you can bring up the embossing pattern from very clear and handy to rather flat onto the wallpaper in this way. The duplex Embossed Wallpaper is a special form of Textured Wallpaper. In this special Textured Wallpaper, the structure is firmly imprinted and specially hardened in both layers, so that the structure remains awe-inspiring and powerful even after bonding. Like almost all Textured Wallpaper, this wallpaper is quite heavy and does therefore require special glue and much experience in processing. The back of the Textured Wallpaper (also called layer) can be kept on the basis of paper or even fibrous web. These differences are not noticeable in the surface, but determine the processing and robustness of wallpaper.

Monochrome or colored – Diversity is up-to-date

Relief wallpaper is produced in different variants. Depending on the intended effect, the Textured Wallpaper is kept monochrome or also made with colorful patterns. In addition, most Textured Wallpaper is well paintable with good latex paint and does hence allow individual color designs. The Texture of wallpaper ranges from rendering pattern designs complex designs with modern geometric or naturally-inspired motifs. With special painting techniques you can still highlight the structures of relief wallpaper. In this way, there are just few limits for your creative ideas, which enable an individual, contemporary wall decoration with wallpaper

Textured Wallpaper has to be handled well

Relief wallpaper requires a special care during processing. Technical mistakes are here most visible and also not every surface is suitable for the use of Textured Wallpaper. Especially at low-cost relief wallpaper it is to fear that on dying the wallpaper glue will not attract the embossed structure in large parts and so the relief will be noticeably flatter. Therefore, for Embossed Wallpaper, it is recommended to buy higher quality versions up to the shape and texture stable duplex wallpaper of the higher-priced segment. Special glue does make this heavy wallpaper remain attached to the wall and during processing they allow sufficient adjustments. Absolute care is required when handling the edge-to-edges. The use of a joint roller for the embossed wallpaper is mostly the most unfavorable variant. As a result here, Structures are often strongly damaged or destroyed. Also gluing on edges and corners needs some practice and experience. More easily, Textured Wallpaper, whose relief-like pattern has been made by foaming of material, can be processed. This Wallpaper is mostly easier to process and is more robust than the strong relief wallpaper.

Renovation work with Textured Wallpaper

Textured Wallpaper does enable unique spatial effects that are hard to reach with other wallpaper. In addition, smaller unevenness on the walls can be well concealed with heavily Textured Wallpaper. However, the surfaces thoroughly have to be prepared according to the manufacturer's instructions. Also the use of the right glue and tools is essential for the perfect result of wallpapering. While Textured Wallpaper can in most cases easily be painted over, wallpapering a new layer above existing heavy wallpaper is not possible. Therefore, before attaching the Textured Wallpaper to your wall, you should completely remove the former wallpaper. This is even also applicable if in a while this textured wallpaper shall be replaced. Depending on the model of the textured wallpaper, they are peelable, which will later on reduce the renovation costs.

Textured wallpaper – a summery

Textured wallpaper is that strong wallpaper that has the special optical effect. The relief-like patterns are embossed or applied with special materials. Textured Wallpaper belongs to the heavy wallpaper and requires a very careful processing. As modern wallpaper, it is suitable for versatile designs and is paintable. Besides the optical possibilities of decoration, Textured Wallpaper offers also sensible living experience of a special kind that you may otherwise only expect from rendering of fabrics. This, too, contributes to the great attraction of this modern and eco-friendly relief wallpaper.

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