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Feel like a bit of ye old Hollywood? You like to be at home at “Alfred Tetzlaff?” Stress at the “Hesselbach” company or a good mood like “Percy Stuart”? The old motion pictures and television series gained cult status. The clothing of the characters and the environment in which these films play, do celebrate a terrific comeback today. Especially the seventies are on the way up again. The Vintage Style here meets the challenges.

Vintage is a design that refers to the style of the 1930s to the 1970s. Either these products are originals from that time or there are new articles, which were intentionally and skillfully styled to the retro look. Vintage is in. Widely used are clothes in the style of the past or in the used look - e.g. bleached, torn, etc. Shabby Chic furniture, old trimmed, spread flair of heirloom and flea market nostalgia. Many small and larger accessories do also raise memories on past times and are widely available.

Vintage Wallpaper – that’s wallpaper in colors and patterns of these past epochs. Vintage Wallpaper of the 50s, 60s, or 70s years is in line with the current trend. With Vintage Wallpaper you do start a trip through time. Vintage Wallpaper here is the icing on the cake, to recreate the ambience of these decades in proper style. The one who wants to decorate his room or even just his whole apartment in perfect proper style or the one, who is looking for a perfect background for a movie set, will inevitably have to use Vintage Wallpaper. As an eye catcher, even just one single wall can be styled in retro look. There are no limits to your personal imagination and expression.

Wallpaper from the 1950s and 1960s sometimes have very unusual patterns, coloring, however, is rather discreet. This may be related to the limited living space. Furniture was more functional than playful. Small rooms and rather cramped living conditions, as they were common in these years, would be "crushed” by massive wallpaper. Wallpaper of the 1970s typically shows large floral or geometric patterns and is pretty colorful. The new awareness of life, which came out in the 1970s -more freedom and also a certain level of protest- is expressed in this rather garish, eye catching wall decoration. “Flower Power” became noticeable even within the wallpaper design.

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