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Wallpaper of the 1970s is particularly characterized by its large-scale patterns and dominant colors. Often striking, very graphical shapes with ornaments such as waves, flowers, circles, squares or striped patterns, which often caused confusion in the eyes, are typical for this period. Colors preferred were mostly strong tones of Orange to Brown and Green to Pink. Also Photo Murals did belong to the wallpaper of the 70s – here mainly typical postcard scenes were popular. As material, mainly paper was used with a high grammage. But also often textile wallpaper was used. Appreciated materials were among others Non-Woven or Satin, which distinguished themselves by their high durability and light fastness.

Wallpaper of the 70S – Expression of new Liberty
In the 1970s, particularly Freedom and Individuality were in the focus – thus also in design this newly obtained freedom was used and it was started to do experiments with forms and colors. The result of these experiments to create something new was a completely new style. Compared to the rather simple or even conservative interior design of the 60s, this style was an enormous change. Also new technologies, a change of a whole society and the stat to the something New did influence fashion, lifestyle and even the furnishings in the same way.

On the Top again: Vintage-Wallpaper
Today again, designs in form of retro or vintage wallpaper are re-decorated in modern living rooms - often in combination with simple furnishings or plain, modern designs. Interesting effects can be achieved that way and color accents are set. The original wallpaper of the 70s does only differ partially in design and in material used from modern wallpaper and reprints of the retro wallpaper. There is the traditional variant, which is first cut at the wallpapering table and is coated with wallpaper paste there. Then it has to remain untouched for some time so that the wallpaper paste can spread and be attached to the wall afterwards. Another, very typical variant is the so-called Non-Woven Wallpaper. Here, not the wallpaper is pasted but the wall to be covered is coated with paste. Afterwards, the wallpaper is simply rolled to the wall and cut to the desired length.

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