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Wall stickers are available in different colors and shapes, and are also called Wall Tattoos. They bring a special touch to your living room. The motives vary depending on the subject area and are suitable for any room. Wall Stickers or Tattoos can also be produced upon your individual desire. Basically, this Wall Decoration sets no limits to your creativity.

Wall Tattoos or Wall Stickers differ from the traditional wallpaper because they are printed on foil. This film is self-adhesive and consists of plastic, PVC or vinyl. The Wall Tattoo is located between a protection film and a carrying film. Before the Wall Tattoo is fixed, it should be made sure that the surface to be decorated is smooth and free of silicone. In case the Wall Sticker is pasted on wallpaper, wood or glass, no preparation is necessary. Also metal, fine plaster and tiles are no problem. The smoother the surface here is, the easier the Wall Stickers can be glued. In damp rooms, too, such as bathroom, applying Wall Stickers is easy. However, direct contact should always be avoided because the Wall Sticker may detach.

Regardless the material, the background should absolutely be clean and free of grease. Before the wall sticker is attached, it is advisable to mark the spot with a pencil. First, the Wall Tattoo should be measured and then the size should be marked with points on the desired surface. By means of a water lever, the wall stickers can be stuck straight to the wall.

Wall Tattoos can be attached to any point within your living room. Preferably, you should start at the side and then work from the outside inwardly. Thus, air bubbles and wrinkles can be avoided. During gluing, the Wall Tattoo should again and again be smoothed with your flat hand. You may just use your hands without any risks as the Tattoo is still on the carrying foil. This is taken-off when the Wall Tattoo has completely been attached to the wall. Tearing-off the foil should be done very carefully. Furthermore, you should pay attention that you do not tear-off the Wall Tattoo. The surface is heated with a hair dryer and the backing film of the Wall Sticker can be removed more easily.

Wall stickers can just as easily be taken-off as attached. Here again, we do recommend to use a Hair Dryer to warm the surface slightly.

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