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First of all, washable wallpaper is characterized by a special property. It is – as you may take from its labeling – washable, in contrast to conventional wallpaper. For this reason washable wallpaper is quite often decorated within wet room where walls are more likely to be stained. Washable wallpaper is typically plastic wallpaper like vinyl wallpaper, structural profile wallpaper and coated non-woven wallpaper. Plastics and foils are used for coating. Depending on the thickness of this coating, washable wallpaper does have different wash resistance and hard-wearing.

Washable wallpaper can be used, for example, in your bathroom, in your kitchen and in children’s bedroom. In these rooms, walls do usually become dirty and therefore washable wallpaper here is the right choice. If for example, there are splashes while cooking, you can easily remove them with a damp cloth. There is also washable wallpaper that has an abrasion-resistant surface that can really be scrubbed. Washable wallpaper is also considered to be very durable and therefore mostly used in laundry room, hallways and stairwells. Its use is even possible in clinics and other highly sensitive areas. Here, particularly durable wallpaper comes into consideration. Due to its high wash resistance, this wallpaper can also be disinfected.

As all other wallpaper, washable wallpaper is available in a multitude of colors and designs. Washable wallpaper can completely consist of vinyl or could just be covered with a transparent vinyl layer. Washable wallpaper is also available as structured wallpaper. To achieve this, a certain material is foamed up and applied. Due to the wide selection you do not have to abdicate beautiful design. However, due its coating, washable wallpaper is often not breathable and can affect negatively the room climate. For this reason, it is recommended to ventilate rooms with washable wallpaper very often.

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