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Collection Panthera

Panthera wallpaper BN Wallcoverings

With the wallpapers "Panthera", manufacturer BN Wallcovering translates the timeless trend from animal prints and botanical motifs to wall decoration. The collection is as versatile as nature itself and offers endless options for creating a natural atmosphere.

Collection Smalltalk

BN Wallcoverings Smalltalk

The wallpaper "Smalltalk" by BN Wallcoverings stimulates creativity and turns every child's room into a world full of stories. Jungle and wild animals, trees, stars, dogs and rabbits. No matter what story girls and boys make up, they bring them to life with this collection.

Collection Color Stories

BN Wallcoverings Color Stories

With "Color Stories" BN Wallcoverings presents wallpapers with designs telling stories, evoking emotions and awakening memories. The collection incorporates influences from places, people and food as well as inspirations from music and nature. The result is a sophisticated mix of various color shades as plain wallpaper and high-quality digital printed murals. Transfer your feelings and thoughts onto the wall - with a matching color on wallpaper.

Collection Cubiq

BN Wallcoverings Cubiq

The wallpapers "Cubiq" by BN Wallcoverings invite you to escape from reality. Graphic and geometric patterns, well thought-out colours and shadow effects create a spatial effect. Your walls seem three-dimensional! With every glance, origami patterns and cubist shapes appear as if they are being rearranged - like a game with reality. Soft but eye-catching colour combinations support this effect. "Cubiq" by BN Wallcoverings never gets boring.

Collection Curious

BN Wallcoverings Curious

Get an extraordinary look for your walls – with the designs of the collection "Curious" by the Dutch manufacturer BN Wallcoverings. Diverse imitations of animal furs and skins in combination with classical patterns create a WOW effect on your walls and attract all eyes.

Collection Doodledoo

BN Wallcoverings Doodledoo

With the wallpapers "DOODLEEDO" manufacturer BN Wallcoverings transforms any children's room into a world of magic, fairy tales, stories and reveries. The high-quality, imaginative designs are hand-painted and were inspired by beautifully illustrated, great classic children's books. They feature joyful motifs that are guaranteed to gild the children's faces and stimulate their imagination day after day. They are complemented by plain colors and Harlequin checks. The wallpapers are eco-friendly and free of PVC.

Collection Fiore

BN Wallcoverings Fiore

With the wallpapers "Fiore" from BN Wallcoverings beautiful floral dreams come true! The collection transforms the walls into a flowering garden that will never wither. Cheerful colours and floral motifs create a cosy atmosphere that puts you in a good mood. A luxurious silk uni completes the floral prints to perfection and invites you to combine them.

Collection Grand Safari

BN Wallcoverings Gran Safari

With the wallpapers "Grand Safari" BN Wallcoverings transfers wild safari feeling on the walls and allows a wall design that is totally on trend this year. Animal Print, exotic plants, natural colors and realistic structures of fur and skin take you to the animal kingdom and the jungle. Large digital print wallpapers complement this modern collection and become an impressive eye-catcher on any wall.

Collection Grounded

BN Wallcoverings Grounded

A natural and cozy atmosphere can be realized in no time with the wallpapers "Grounded" by BN Wallcoverings. The collection brings pleasant textile textures, various patterns and warm colors to the walls and creates a new awareness for an interior style following the principle "less is more". The designs inspire us to live an uncomplicated and conscious life, which will unfold in our home filled with warmth and beauty.

Collection Preloved

BN Wallcoverings Preloved

With the wallpapers of the collection "Preloved" made by BN Walls you have the choice: eclectic and colorful, classic and elegant, understated or unexpected. The collection contains a suitable design for everyone's taste. The patterns with geometric shapes, stripes, checks and flowers, as well as the plain wallpapers can be perfectly combined with each other. Give your walls a new, contemporary look!

Collection Timeless Stories

BN Wallcoverings Timeless Stories

With "Timeless Stories" from BN Wallcoverings you add colour to your walls and your life! The timeless wallpapers show different textures, subtle patterns and a harmoniously coordinated range of colours - this collection will not go out of fashion! The wallpapers can be combined individually and allow a design of your walls according to your personal taste. With "Timeless Stories" by BN Wallcoverings everything is possible!

Collection Zen

BN Wallcoverings Zen

The wallpapers "Zen" from BN Wallcoverings bring peace, serenity and relaxation into your home. The collection is inspired by the Far East and captivates with traditional East Asian motifs and structures, with soft and earthy colours. With their meditative effect, the wallpapers help to find new vitality.


With series such as “Elements” and “Moods,” BN Wallcoverings is without doubt one of the industry’s wallpaper manufacturers with state-of-the-art collections. Founded in 1926 in the Dutch city of Huizen, the company quickly became one of the leading European industry representatives. With youthful designs and excellent quality, BN wallpaper and borders represent light, modern, and tasteful home decor. Typical BN Wallcoverings wallpaper is usually smooth or economically structured, made particularly robust and durable. Trendsetting designs in a variety of models can be found at BN Wallcoverings. This way, BN wallpapers can create any desired style - whether classical or baroque, vintage or industrial. All collections have one thing in common: a claim for harmonious color and structural design as well as high-quality non-woven material. Playful or rustic drafts are as much part of the BN Wallcoverings product range as the knack for genuine art on walls. The Dutch company dedicated an entire collection to its famous compatriot Van Gogh, whose visionary use of color is unparalleled on the market.


The “art of living” is a central topic for BN Wallcoverings. With artistic designs on graceful material, BN wallpapers develop a very special vitality on walls, radiating through the entire space. Renowned designers such as Mart Visser, Annet van Egmond, and Edward van Vliet ensure that the creations remain on the cutting edge without being subjected to volatile trends. BN Wallcoverings is regarded as a trendsetter and lives up to its reputation with countless designer collections that display multi-faceted floral or graphic, patterned or plain designs. Wallpaper series such as “Eye” or “More than Elements” also highlight current wallpaper trends such as concrete optics. This BN wallpaper gives rooms a very modern, sober appearance, which is particularly popular in industrial or loft style. Combined with straight furniture, metal objects, and very sparing splashes of color, this interior style can be completed. But you can also find matching wallpaper by BN Wallcoverings for charming kitchens in retro look or cozy living rooms in country house style.


With vibrant names like “Feel Good,” “Art of Living,” and “50 Shades of Colour,” the young wallpaper manufacturer is like a breath of fresh air and a change of scenery in your home! BN Wallcoverings tastefully creates a wide variety of modern trends and styles, but you won’t need to worry that the wall covering could be out of fashion next year. This would really be a shame because the valued BN wallpaper collections are especially durable and thus guarantee a long lifetime. If you value dynamics in your wall design and want to bring a very individual atmosphere into a room, BN wallpaper is your first choice. In our online shop, you will find brand new wall coverings by BN Wallcoverings as well as an abundance of excellent wallpaper series from manufacturers such as P+S International, Rasch, Marburg wallpaper, and A.S. Création. If you have any questions about matching wall decoration or the products in our range, do not hesitate to get in touch with our experienced customer service. We will gladly help you!