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Anyone looking for high-quality wallpapers that are classical and contemporary is in the right place with Borås Tapeter. The Swedish wallpaper manufacturer with headquarters in the city of Borås (province of Västra Götaland Iän) has inspired decorations since 1905 and thus belongs to the oldest and most popular manufacturers of wallpaper in Sweden. Borås Tapeter manufactures timeless wall coverings that are not only popular in the Nordic region but are becoming more and more popular here, too.

Boras Tapeter Wallpaper

Collection Falsterbo

The wallpapers "Falsterbo III" by Borås Tapeter embody the high quality of craftsmanship of the Swedish manufacturer, as they are produced using a traditional surface printing technique. Each of the intricately designed wallpapers has a soft feel that spreads warmth and comfort and also brings the Swedish summer into your home. The collection puts nature, forest and meadow, vintage, classic and country style on the walls. With its patterns and colours it turns every room into a cosy refuge.

Falsterbo Boras Tapeter

Under founder Waldemar Andren, Scandinavia's leading wallpaper factory collaborates with a wide variety of designers who turn the various collections of Borås wallpapers into art. With collections with artistic names like “Wonderland,” “A Vintage Book,” “Collected Memories,” “Garden Party,” “Silent Nature,” “Poetry,” or “Graceful Living,” Borås Tapeter offers great inspiration for your home. Each designer - ranging from Sissa Sundling, Ulrica Hurtig and Lisa Vilhelmson to one of the numerous freelancers of the in-house design studio of Borås Tapeter - expresses their personal preferences

Wonderland Hanna Werning

Collection Wonderland by Hanna Werning

Together with Swedish designer Hanna Werning, manufacturer Borås Tapeter presents the collection “Wonderland”. Create with modern designs and a diverse coloration a marvelous dream world with stories to discover.


Borås wallpapers are so varied that their style cannot be determined and their designs cannot be strictly categorized. While some collections of Borås Tapeter combine graphical elements with floral patterns and decorate walls in typical Scandinavian style, other series invite a sense of nostalgia. The retro & vintage trend has not passed Borås wallpaper either: a patina, matt or shiny surfaces, and surfaces that look like ancient paper recreate memories of wonderful experiences and times long past that are sure not to fade quickly with these Borås wallpapers.

Whether you want to design just a small part of your walls in the living room, corridor, or bedroom with Borås Tapeter or if you want to cover entire rooms with high-quality wallpaper - timeless classics are paired with modern design and colors that are never out of fashion. From soft pastel colors and motifs taken directly from wonderland to typographic patterns, eye-catching stripes, or cute birds - the Swedish wallpaper manufacturer offers matching wall coverings for any taste and style.

Jubileum Boras Tapeter

Collection Jubileum

On the occasion of its 110th anniversary, manufacturer Borås Tapeter presents with the collection “jubileum” some of the most popular designs since 1905. Romantic designs from the turn of the nineteenth century, the colourful optimism of the 1950s or patterns from the 80s create a stylish wall decoration.

Collection The Apartment

Borås Tapeter's wallpapers "The Apartment" recall the casual glamour of the 1970s and 80s, discotheques in New York, the luxury of Miami, the magnificent facades of Venice and the playful designs of the Memphis Group. With this collection the walls are given a stylish, elegant look. Matt prints on metallic backgrounds, muted colours and pastel shades, geometric patterns, palm and bamboo, mother-of-pearl gloss and structured haptics make the wallpapers an absolute eye-catcher.

The Apartment Boras Tapeter


With catchy names such as “Karlslund,” “Lilleby,” “Falsterbo,” “Linen,” and “Marstrand,” the wallpapers by Borås Tapeter let you be part of the typical Swedish demand in choice of color and pattern. Romantic, geometrical, playful, natural, watercolor - Borås is many things, but never boring. Whether you are looking for plain or patterned variants, the high-quality wallpapers printed on non-woven materials by Borås are always real eye-catchers.

Collection Graceful Stories

The wallpapers "Graceful Stories" by Borås Tapeter are influenced by nature, Asian forms and Art Déco. They create a new sense of minimalism and grace, but also exude a slight vintage touch. The designs feature dreamy watercolours, soft graphic motifs, marble and Thai silk, delicate lines, stylised flowers, ginkgo leaves and shell patterns. Matt, shimmering or with a woven effect, the wallpapers create an elegant but always comfortable living atmosphere.

Those who opt for Borås Tapeter can be sure to receive high-quality wall decorations. The raw materials for the paper are purchased from sustainable forestry operations that forego clear-cutting and are working in accordance with global environmental standards. They fit perfectly with the claim of the Swedish wallpaper manufacturer Borås, whose production processes are also of the highest environmental and safety standards. Quality devoted to the protection of the environment and timeless designs that fit into any environment - this is what Borås Tapeter stands for.

Newbie Boras Tapeter

Collection Newbie Wallpaper

The drafts for these wallpapers were created by the Swedish lifestyle brand Newbie. Manufacturer Borås Tapeter brings the designs to the walls with a beautiful collection for children and teenagers. 32 dreamy designs remind us of enchanted forests, pirates and adventures, exotic jungle worlds and fragrant summer gardens with roses and jasmine. Squirrels and rabbits, flowers, blossoms and leaves, monkeys and toucans, pirate ships and whales, airplanes and hot air balloons are just waiting to be discovered! The wallpapers "Newbie Wallpaper" by Borås Tapeter create an atmosphere that is perfectly suited for children and invite them to start dreaming.