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But why look so far afield when your home can be so beautiful? Wallpapers are very much in fashion again. The patterns and styles are more daring and unconventional than ever before. Young and hip fashion designers take a step into the world of wall coverings and design together with well-known and established designers extraordinary colour variations combined with outstanding shapes. These unique wallpaper creations are being printed onto such robust materials that they can even cover small cracks in the walls. Wallpapering has never been that easy!

In this area we want to give you an insight into the bright world of wallpapers. You get to know the current trends of the latest fairs, get useful tips about wallpapering and get inspiration from experts from the field of wallpapers. The wallpapers from WALLCOVER turn every room into a unique oasis for relaxing, refresh your home or workplace and just turn every day you are spending with them into your special day.


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How to repair damaged wallpaper

It happens quite often that the wallpaper on the wall gets damaged and that there remain unpleasant gashes, holes or spots, for example if the children are romping around or when moving furniture. Good advice is hard to ...

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How to remove old wallpaper fast and easily

After a few years, even the most beautiful wallpapers become boring. But before you can hang a new one, the old one has to be removed first. Depending on the wallpaper and the adhesive that has been used, this can become...

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Wallpapering or painting – What is more time consuming?

The question if you wallpaper or paint does not only come up if you move into a new home but also when you are renovating rooms. In the end, it is only a matter of personal taste how you want to decorate your walls.

A go...

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Which wallpapers are suitable for smokers?

If you have ever renovated a flat where a smoker had been living, you surely know this problem – yellowed wallpapers and door and window frames that can hardly be cleaned. If you, as a smoker, do not want to renovate or ...

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Disposal of wallpapers – What to do with old wallpaper and paint?

After painting and paperhanging has been finished, most people face the question what to do with the rest of paint or wallpaper. Here some useful tips for the right handling of the disposal of renovation residue.


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How to affix a wall decal to a wallpaper

Good preparation makes it much easier to affix a wall decal (wall sticker, wall tattoo) to a wallpaper. With patience and a little bit of time, you can brighten up almost every wallpaper with a wall decal.

Basically, you ...

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Wallpaper Types

Whoever is looking for wallpapers will be spoilt for choice. The most common types of wallpapers differ, for example, in relation to environmental tolerance and booking time – the time between pasting and hanging the wal...

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