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Wallpapers by ESPRIT

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Esprit wallpaper

What was founded in 1968 as a fashion company is now an international label that also inspires the wallpaper market - and of course also the online store of WALLCOVER. With the Home segment, Esprit offers a large selection of home accessories, home textiles and wallpapers that make your home more beautiful and lively. For every room, every taste and every age, the brand offers the right fashion for the walls in the form of decorative non-woven wallpapers that add a personal touch. The focus is on the feel-good ambience as well as positive values such as authenticity and relaxation, which are firmly anchored in the brand philosophy.
Current trends in patterns and colors as well as a big love for detail make up the lively Esprit look, which is always stylish and relaxed at the same time. The typical philosophy of the wallpapers is also expressed in the perfectionist quality, which is realized through high-quality materials and responsible production.
True to the motto "esprit de corps", the wallpapers of Esprit Home are a homage to family and friendship as well as to the feeling of well-being of being together. Various collections for living rooms and especially for the children's room reflect this claim and have the right wallpaper for adults as well as for children. Esprit is an attitude, not an age!

Esprit 14 wallpaper

Fashionable, creative, familiar & high quality

The Esprit fashion brand stands for an individual fashion style in which high quality and creativity are always present. The company was founded in 1968 in California by Susie and Doug Tompkins. They used to sell their clothes out of the trunk of their station wagon, but driven by a passion for fashion, unbridled energy and family spirit, Esprit de Corps quickly made a name for itself and grew. Further product lines followed.
Today, Esprit offers fashion for women, men and children as well as various successful products for the home. Numerous Esprit home collections make it possible to design the home in the unmistakable style of the brand. To give expression to this, well over 15 different wallpaper collections have now been launched, offering a wide range of patterns and colors.

The detail-loving themes include styles ranging from fresh and spring-like, urban and purist to dreamy and playful. Thus wallpapers by Esprit appeal to every generation and offer almost unlimited possibilities for personal wall design.

Esprit 13 wallpaper

Wall design with Esprit Home wallpapers

In cooperation with the established wallpaper manufacturer A.S. Création and its brand livingwalls, Esprit wallpapers are offered in different collections, which captivate with their diverse designs. Whether as flower wallpaper or with stripes, as single-colored plain wallpaper without patterns or with cute children's motifs - the designs are impressive. Natural, but design-oriented, they create a harmonious overall picture.
Romantic botanical prints, opulent baroque decors, organic forms or tendrils in the midst of strictly drawn lines - these and many other patterns adorn the Esprit wallpapers, which as individual collections always travel through the seasons. Prints and colors are harmoniously coordinated with spring, summer, autumn and winter and bring colorful accents to the walls with fresh green tones, soft apricot, strong berry tones, immaculate white, deep blue navy, tropical turquoise or strong pink.

Esprit wallpapers are particularly hard-wearing, flame-retardant, lightfast and highly washable. Since most of these wallpapers are non-woven wallpapers, they are easy to process and are simply stuck directly onto the pasted wall. Even removing them later is very easy, because they can be pulled off completely dry strip by strip.

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