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Wallpaper by Hohenberger


Hohenberger Wallpaper: The Story of your Home

Hohenberger Tapetenmanufaktur is now present in the online shop WALLCOVER. Finally, they can be ordered in our shop: Hohenberger wallpaper of the collections Gentleman’s Relish, Love, Muse, Opalia and Peace! They tell stories that mirror your home and, absolutely true to the motto “The Story of your Home“, have their very own narration style. They write stories full of class, elegance, and special value, full of timelessness, luxury, and a healthy living environment. And, of course, as wall coverings they decorate every room, because the wallpapers by Hohenberger are just made for it. They are being created in the Bavarian Manufaktur (manufactory) for wallpapers based in Hohenberg an der Eger. There they put high importance on a sustainable production, that does not only protect environment and nature, but also creates a positive living atmosphere in your home. Made in Germany, the diverse non-woven wallpapers of the high-standard wallpaper manufacturer impress with their high quality and high-end workmanship as well as with their environmental properties. The water-based production is energy-efficient, resource-saving and sustainable. And in addition, the Hohenberger wallpapers create thanks to their outstanding designs a living atmosphere worth sharing with others – for example with the story of your home.

High-quality, timeless & versatile

The elegant non-woven wallpapers by the Hohenberger Tapetenmanufaktur show a high-end workmanship, are colourfast and lightfast and recyclable. They are made of paper from sustainable forestry and can be lead back into the ecological and economic cycle without any problem. Innovation and technology are important factors in the production of the Hohenberger wallpapers. But notwithstanding the modern production machines, the manufacturer still manages to perfectly express their love to detail and precision work. At Hohenberger, not only the individual wallpaper strips harmonize with each other, but also the different types of collections. They can be perfectly combined and provide a consistent, elegant overall picture that is like a fashion upgrade for your wall.

Some fascinate with baroque elements or real glass beads, others show classical stripes or are unicoloured. Still others show hats, hand bags, corsets and pipes as decorations. Hohenberger wallpapers are always timeless and, therefore, fit just as much into modern studios as they fit into traditional living rooms, luxurious halls or stylish Gentleman’s rooms. For real gentlemen, Hohenberger offers the extravagant collection Gentleman’s Relish. The non-woven wallpapers have a flocked surface and create with impressive ornaments, striking patterns and an elegant coloration a luxurious atmosphere that will please every Gentleman and every Lady.

Wallpapers by Hohenberger – Discover now at WALLCOVER

The completely and dry strippable, PVC-free wallpaper give your home a luxurious touch, a hint of exclusiveness and a portion of elegance. In the WALLCOVER online shop you order easily and comfortably online. The diverse collections by Hohenberger Tapetenmanufaktur fill every room with style and class – and so does the especially luxurious collection Love, which brings pure luxury into your rooms with light glitter effects and colours such as gold, beige, grey, green, blue and brown. The elegant appearance of these Hohenberger wallpapers is underlined by baroque embellishments, simple plains and classic stripes. Peaceful and soft are the Hohenberger wallpapers of the collection Peace. With these high-quality non-woven wallpapers, innocence, peace and modesty move into your home without giving it a boring look. Subued colours and classic designs create a stylish atmosphere that fascinates and inspires.

A little more striking in its coloration but nevertheless discreet in its design is the collection Muse. The muses Euterpe, Calliope, Arche, Erato, Citharta, Clio, Thalia and Aoide inspire with stylish flower branches, inviting ornaments, 3D-effects or glass beads. And with Opalia, Hohenberger offers wallpapers that impress with a striking coloration of grey, red, turquoise or brown, with floral patterns or graphic designs. But also in this collection you can find baroque patterns, that the Hohenberger Tapetenmanufaktur is well-known for.