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Discover wallpapers by Novamur here. The young brand, belonging to German manufacturer Marburg, offers timeless, affordable wallpapers for every style and taste. Click on a picture below to browse all of Novamur's collections and find a wallpaper that perfectly fits your interior!

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Novamur wallpaper - always a good choice

Novamur is known for timeless, elegant, attractively priced but high-quality wallpaper. The company has developed from a publishing house to a respected wallpaper brand. Since 2016 it is a subsidiary of the German manufacturer Marburg Wallcoverings. The range is versatile and is not limited to one style. Novamur wallpaper collections show flowers and leaves, geometric patterns, classic stripes, concrete look with patina and much more.

The designs, as different as they may seem, still have much in common: subtle colors, understated prints, beautiful textures and exciting matte-gloss effects. Textured wallpaper reminiscent of wood grains or sisal invites you to touch and feel. Shine and glitter attract attention and bring the designs in gray or pink to life. This gives walls a very special flair and that special something.

Novamur wallpaper is always a good choice, because it gives every room peace and comfort, coziness and warmth. You can order the wallpaper at WALLCOVER very easily online. Would you like to see and feel it first before buying a whole roll? Then request samples and let the color and quality convince you!