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If you are looking for high-quality wallpaper, you will find the best selection at Rasch Textil. The German manufacturer impresses with a particularly high standard for his own collections as well as for third-party designs (World Wide Walls). Furthermore, Rasch Textil is one of the few traditional manufacturers of premium wallpapers made of textile materials. Click on a picture below to browse all collections and find the perfect wallpaper for you.

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Rasch Textil wallpaper: High-quality wall coverings with textile materials

Rasch Textil was founded in 1957 and is considered as one of the few German manufacturers with a long-standing tradition in the production of high-quality textile wallpaper. The wall coverings are produced using various textile materials, including yarns made of cotton, flax, wool, silk, viscose and polyester.

Modern non-woven wallpaper from in-house production, wallpaper with natural materials handmade in Asia, and selected imported collections from international manufacturers complete the versatile product portfolio. With the new brand Emil & Hugo, launched in 2021, Rasch Textil sells the most aesthetically outstanding collections of the in-house design team.

Tradition, quality, creativity & feel for trends

Rasch Textil wallpapers are available in a fascinating variety of designs and colors and are characterized by their outstanding quality. All wallpapers manufactured there have the RAL seal of quality and are regularly inspected by an independent scientific institute. The dispersion adhesive used allows the walls to "breathe". The non-woven backing guarantees easy application of Rasch Textil wallpaper by pasting the wall.

The traditional manufacturer from Germany also attaches great importance to creative designs with character. For this, the company combines design expertise and a keen feel for trends. From opulent damask wallpaper to classic stripe wallpaper to modern designs with leaves, Rasch Textil offers a wide selection in a variety of styles.