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Collection Blomstermåla

Midbec Blomstermala

With "Blomstermåla" Midbec presents wallpapers that give your home a feeling of warmth and cosiness. Soft colours and subtle patterns, inspired by Nordic nature and the four seasons, create an oasis of calm and well-being. The designs are called Alva, Henry, Hilma, Evert, Ludvig, Rosa, Vivvi and Marguerite. The collection is named after the Swedish village Blomstermåla, which is located in the municipality of Mönsterås.

Collection Havsblick

Midbec Havsblick

With "Havsblick" Midbec presents wallpapers with small and large patterns, which create a harmonious atmosphere. Designer Hanna Wendelbo was inspired by a house at the seaside and brings classic stripes and floral motifs to the walls. The designs in the collection are called Josefin, Flora, Fridolf, Saga, Dara, Arthur and Juliet. They come in calm and natural colours that transport a breath of fresh air to everyday life.

Collection Lina

Midbec Lina

With "Lina" Midbec presents wallpapers created by illustrator and graphic designer Lina Schnaufer. The Swede has been inspired by her grandmother and flea market finds. With the designs Anna, Brita, Henni, Brittsommar, Hybbe and Ulla-Britt, she brings colourful motifs to the walls that move back and forth on the border between fantasy and reality. The collection features floral patterns and organic shapes in natural colours that invite you to feel home.

Collection Lyckebo

Midbec Lyckebo

he wallpapers "Lyckebo" by Midbec were designed by Hanna Wendelbo and create a cosy home full of happiness. The collection gives everyone a warm welcome and conveys a feeling of comfort and well-being. The designs Mirabelle, Othilia, Clover, Sarah, Solvej and Poppy show flowers in different sizes, shapes and colours, whose scent can literally be experienced by every viewer.

Swedish design for the walls

Since 1974, the Swedish company Midbec has dedicated itself to wallpaper and wall design and supplies the world with trendy collections that may not be lacking in our online shop. With a keen sense of trends, quality awareness, the courage to create new patterns and colours and a love of detail, Midbec designs wallpapers that turns every room into a home and everyday life into luxury. The high-quality non-woven wallpapers are pleasing to the eye and are an absolute recommendation to buy.

Besides Borås Tapeter, Midbec Tapeter is one of the most well-known and successful wallpaper companies in Sweden. It is managed by Bengt Johnson, who started there as a sales representative over 30 years ago and is a real wallpaper nerd. Under his leadership, Midbec developed from a renowned importer of European wallpapers to a trusted producer of its own collections. Midbec is a family business and is based in Mölnlycke, just outside Gothenburg.

Midbec wallpapers designed by Hanna Wendelbo and Björn Nilsson

Responsible for the designs at Midbec are the two designers Hanna Wendelbo and Björn Nilsson. Before that, they had already worked together successfully in another company. Hanna Wendelbo has been in the wallpaper industry for more than twenty years and has worked with Borås Tapeter, Sandberg Wallpaper and Cole & Son. Björn Nilsson has more than 35 years of experience in the industry, was head of design at WallVision and works with his company SVENSKA IDÉBYRÅN AB on glass and ceramics in addition to wallpaper design. Both love the feeling that wallpaper conveys and with their collections they help people to fulfil their personal dream of a beautiful home.

Midbec knows that the difference is in the detail and therefore works with patterns that create exciting decorative surfaces and structures. The wallcoverings present themselves floral or geometrical, in the border area between fantasy and reality or Scandinavian natural. They spread harmony and warmth, happiness and cosiness - especially in combination with single-coloured plain wallpapers. The colour palette of Midbec wallpapers includes berry tones, delicate blue and soft green in combination with white, grey and black. Creamy beige, striking turquoise and bright yellow are also represented. With the Swedes everyone finds something suitable!