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    Find your wallpaper in the blink of an eye

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    Our colorful bestseller

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    Children`s wallpapers at one glance

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    Luxury for your 4 walls

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    Shipment of Samples


The right wallpaper transforms walls into your own feel-good canvases, eye-catchers, and design statements. In our online shop, you will find everything you need to decorate your own four walls exactly to your tastes. From romantic country-house wallpapers and colourful striped wallpapers to precious luxury wallpapers, we offer a wide and diverse range you can order. Whether you are looking for an affordable paper wallpaper, particularly elegant non-woven wallpaper, or razor-sharp digitally-printed photo wallpaper – in our shop, you’ll be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for to add a personal touch to the design of your walls.

Create a special ambiance in your home and opt for our selection of first-class wallpapers. In the online shop of WALLCOVER, you will find a diversity of collections that is second to none: discreet or flashy, colourful or monochrome, modern or retro, classic or innovative. Let your creativity roam free when designing your living room, office, or children’s room, and realise your dreams while designing your own four walls!.

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At, you can discover the wallpaper trends of 2021 – including the new collections of Versace Home, Luigi Colani, and Michalsky Living or fashionable wallpapers with a stone look. But our shop also has timeless classics in store, including wallpapers with a floral motif in small or larger flowers and vines, stylish baroque wallpapers with curvy ornamentations, or monochrome plain wallpaper without a motif. In our wallpaper shop, you can choose from a wide range of styles, colours and motifs.

Renowned manufacturers such as A.S. Création, Marburg, and Livingwalls present their first-class wallpapers in numerous collections, sometimes with a matte look and sometimes glossy, but always creating a unique ambiance in small and large rooms. The up and coming international manufacturers and brands, like Novamur, Borås Tapeter, and BN Wallcoverings , also sport designs for truly exceptional flair in bedrooms, kitchens, office spaces, and everywhere else.

Discover wallpapers in classic chic designs, floral- and playful-patterned or textured products with a wooden look, modern photo wallpapers, and wall decorations with a nostalgic vintage look. The offer at WALLCOVER leaves nothing to be desired!

Enjoy shopping in the WALLCOVER online shop

Feel free to explore our range to your heart’s content and find your dream wallpapers and the best equipment for your upcoming project – here in our online wallpaper shop. Use the filter and search options to get a quick overview of our product range and put together your personal selection in just a few clicks.

With us, you’re guaranteed to get an easy order process as well as quick delivery. We place great value on offering you personal advice and all-around service. That’s why our online shop not only has a wide range of products, but also contains detailed information on the various types of wallpaper as well as a helpful guide to get your wallpapering under way.

With our roll calculation tool, which you will find to the right of the product image on each product page, you can quickly and easily calculate how much wallpaper you need for your project. And if you want to look, feel, and inspect the wallpaper of your choice before placing a final order, we will gladly send you a free shipping DIN A4 wallpaper sample.