Private Walls wallpaper


Discover wallpapers by Private Walls here. The ambitious brand by German manufacturer AS Création presents modern designs for every style and room. When it comes to trendy wall decoration, Private Walls is a perfect choice. Click on a picture below to browse all wallpaper collections and find the perfect match for you.

Private Walls Wallpaper – Timeless wall coverings for private walls

Private Walls wallpaper repeatedly impress with each collection, with their look and quality. The high-quality wall coverings cannot be described in one sentence, as their designs are as diverse as life itself. Their style is sometimes refreshingly new and sometimes classic, sometimes thrilling and sometimes soothing – Private Walls wallpaper are certainly not monotonous. The different wallpaper collections offer a lot of room for interpretation and, depending on the selected design, embellish rooms in a variety of ambiences.

A modern ambience that feels original, natural harmonising themes dwell within the walls of your home, and bursts of colour that by no means seem intrusive – the wallpaper of Private Walls are real all-rounders. Their designers invite you to fully savour the diversity of wall decor and present you with a large selection of vinyl wallpapers that can be perfectly combined, turning into eyecatchers on your private walls.

Emotional wallpaper designs from France

As a brand of the French wallpaper maker A.S. Création, Private Walls wallpaper are still relatively new on the wallpaper market and new in the online shop of WALLCOVER. The robust but wonderful designs are available for sale as pattern wallpaper with impressive and varied patterns or as monochrome plain wallpaper and leave sufficient space for individual choices. Under the Private Walls label, the well-known manufacturer creates wallpapers that can be both gentle and powerful, that tell stories using patterns, or that address natural themes in earthy colours.

Discover the "Saffiano" Collection, which has the African continent with all its facets at its heart, and, with these breathtaking wallpaper creations, bring the exoticism and wildness of Africa into your bedrooms or living rooms. Ethnic style, leopard prints, and glowing colours send you on a trip full of warmth and ambience.

Or use the tapestries to create your very own world full of good mood, ambience, and design. Select your favourites out of conspicuous patterned prints, enigmatic ornaments, or individual colour shades. No matter how difficult diversity makes the choice, one thing is certain: As regards quality, aesthetics, and elegance you have already made the right choice with the wallpaper of Private Walls!

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Private Walls wallpaper also impress with their special surface that remind of animal skin or warm sand. One more advantage: Since the wall coverings are vinyl wallpaper, they can be wiped off their surface easily if they were to stain. They are durable and abrasion resistant and therefore count among the sturdy and long-lasting wallpaper types, which are mostly used in busy rooms. In addition, they are light-resistant and can be removed drily and without residue.

Depending on the design, Private Walls wallpaper are put on the wall without an edge, with a straight edge, or with an offset edge. In the online shop of WALLCOVER, you will find an exclusive selection of these special wall coverings. Let yourself be beguiled by these impressive creations and set new trends on your private walls that form a perfect combination of colour and pattern.