Rasch wallpaper


Welcome to the wonderful world of Rasch wallpapers! The renowned German manufacturer has been producing high-quality wallpapers for over 150 years, with a focus on both traditional and modern designs. Click on a picture below to browse all of Rasch's beautifully designed collections and find a wallpaper that reflects your unique sense of style.

Order Rasch wallpaper at WALLCOVER

The Rasch company from Bramsche/Germany has more than 150 years of experience in producing wallpapers and is one of the best known manufacturers worldwide. At WALLCOVER you will find a large selection of the well-known German wallpaper brand Rasch. We have more than 1000 different high-quality wallpapers in stock, for example non-woven wallpaper and vinyl wallpaper.

Would you like to see the Rasch wallpaper before buying a whole roll? Then order a sample and let the print, color and structure convince you!

Wallpaper made by Rasch is always a good choice

Rasch wallpaper turns your home into the most beautiful place in the world and is art for the walls. The designs give each room an individual character and make it a new favorite place. Take a look at the different collections and be seduced by beautiful prints, high-quality materials, attractive colors and unique effects.

From non-woven wallpapers with a patinated concrete effect in the color grey to photo wallpaper murals with tropical plants in different shades of green: Rasch wallpaper is always a good choice. Depending on the chosen design it is timeless or trendy, but in any case an ideal basis for giving your living room, kids' room or kitchen a fresh new look.

With Rasch wallpaper you make your interior more beautiful

Rasch wallpaper is made in Germany and highly valued. The German factory has made it their mission to design wall coverings with high quality and sophisticated design to provide life with beauty and joy. The goal is to make interiors more beautiful and take into account the most diverse styles.

In order to perfectly match the diversity of interiors and personal preferences, Rasch works together with an experienced design team and with well-known designers such as Studio Onszelf Amsterdam, Young Artists and Barbara Becker. Furthermore, they continuously invest in new technologies and pick up on the latest trends. Scandinavian wallpaper, country and cottage style, animal skin and leather look or vintage - there is something for everyone.