Eijffinger wallpaper


Welcome to the wonderful world of wallpapers made by Eijffinger! The Dutch manufacturer has a unique, distinctive style and comes with a wide range of bold patterns and vibrant colors. Click on a picture below to browse all of Eijffinger's collections and find the perfect matching wallpaper to transform any room into a stylish space.

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Are you looking for a wallpaper from the Dutch brand Eijffinger? At our shop you will find almost all collections and a wide range of non-woven wallpaper and photo wallpaper murals. Whether it is Eijffinger wallpaper with animal print or natural materials, for the children's room or the living room, green or black - there is something for everyone! It is available in various themes and different styles so that there is always a design that suits your personal wishes or your interior.

Do you prefer the Natural Wallcoverings collection with bamboo, cork and grass or do children's wallpapers catch your attention? Choose from more than 200 different wallpapers and find your favorite product online at WALLCOVER. Would you like to see the Eijffinger wallpaper first before buying a whole roll? Ask for samples and let the print, color and structure convince you!

Decorating the World

Eijffinger wants to make the world more beautiful and has succeeded in this for 145 years. With expressive wallpaper designs, the company provides products that express their own identities and decorate the world. The creative collections are designed by experienced industrial designers, sometimes in collaboration with well-known brands such as PiP Studio and Rice. They are characterized by diversity and always show different facets: jungle, vintage or art, gold, blue or gray, flowers, checks or stripes. The most diverse prints, colors and textures are skillfully combined.

No matter which room you need a new wall covering for, you will find the perfect wallpaper at Eijffinger. It is designed to surprise again and again and always add a touch of exclusivity to the room. The collections are bold or understated, cheerful or powerful, trendy or timeless. With Eijffinger wallpaper you can go in any direction and decorate the world the way you want.

Wallpaper made by Eijffinger - a good choice

The wallpaper manufacturer was founded in 1875 in The Hague and has developed into a strong player on the international market. This is no surprise, because at Eijffinger, design, top quality and innovation always go hand in hand. They work with curiosity, creativity and a thirst for innovation, creating decorative ideas for wall design.

The company also pays attention to the environment and sustainability. Furthermore, the products are easy to apply, as most wallpaper is made with a non-woven backing (non-woven wallpaper). The high material quality is an advantage and so Eijffinger is always a good choice.